tvOS 12.1.1 Beta

Want to test out Apples latest beta firmware? Well, you can download and Install tvOS 12.1.1 Beta down below.

tvOS 12.1.1 Beta

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1. Tap the icon to download the beta profile on your Mac and download the tvOS beta software configuration profile.

2. Plug in and turn on your Apple TV.

3. Open Xcode on your Mac.

4. In Xcode, choose Window > Devices and Simulators. Click Devices.

5. Now, turn to the Apple TV and open Settings.

6. Choose Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices.

7. Your Apple TV should search for possible pairing devices and should discover the Mac.

8. Back to Xcode on the Mac and you should be able to select the Apple TV (it’ll be in the left column under Discovered.) You will see an Apple TV connection request.

9. Enter the verification code displayed on the Apple TV here, and click Connect.

10. Once Xcode has paired with the Apple TV you will see a network icon appear beside the Apple TV in the left column. Now open Apple Configurator on your Mac.

11. If you are setting up an Apple TV for the first time click Prepare and follow the onscreen instructions.

12. If you are adding profiles for an Apple TV that you’ve previously set up, click Add > Profiles. (Alternatively, you could drag a profile from the Finder and drop it straight onto the Apple TV icon).