Magic Phone Cleaner

Do you want to clean and speed up, or free up space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Well this App Store app, Magic Phone Cleaner has you covered!

Magic Phone Cleaner

Magic Phone Cleaner

1. First of all you’re going to tap the icon above to install the app.

2. Furthermore, you’ll be redirected to the App Store were you’re going to need to sign in if you haven’t already.

Note: If you didn’t find the application it may have been banned because Apple got wind, so if the page isn’t found try a different app on the page which is still be similar to this one.

3. Now once you’re at the Apple App Store, make sure you’re signed in, tap the Install, or Get, button to start installing the application.

4. Next, back out of the App Store and wait for the application to finish installing

5. Finally you can clean, speed, and free, up space on your device enjoy!