Do you want to download torrents files right on your device just like you do on your Mac, or PC? Well iTransmission has you covered!


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1. First of all you’re going to tap icon above to install the app.

3. Furthermore, back out of Safari and wait for the app to install.

Note: Now If it doesn’t install you can try it again, or it may be due to the app being revoked by Apple. While it’s installing if it’s taking to long, or seems like it’s not just wait.

4. We’re almost done, so once it’s installed you’ll also need to go into Settings > General > Device Management and trust the certificate.

5.  Once you trust the certificate launch the iTrans application.

6. Tap on the app, you are greeted with iTransmission’s list of active or paused downloads.

7. Torrent and magnet files can be added within iTransmission to begin the download process. Simply tap the “+” button and add the desired .torrent URL.

8. When a file has been added, the transfer will be paused by default.

9. You can start and pause your downloads at any time during the whole process.

10. Finally enjoy!.

Note: In settings, you can use a web interface for downloading torrents. You can also choose whether you want to use only Wi-Fi data, cellular data, or both for downloading files in the app. (If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, be wary of turning the Cellular Data option on.) You can also check out port mapping.