Do you want to customize, or alter, your iOS device without a jailbreak? Well Filza, or FilzaElectracuted, allows you root access to any iOS 11 – 11.1.2 device!



1. First of all you’re going to tap the icon above to download the app. Unpack the zip with your favorite zip app and find the files in FilzaEscaped

2. Furthermore, copy the ‘bash’ binary from /bootstrap/bin/ to /bin

3. We’re almost done, copy the ‘bash’ binary from /bootstrap/bin/ to /bin

4. copy to /Applications

5. copy to /

6. click on the ‘i’ at the end of and change access permissions to 0777

7. now run (tap the file in FilzaEscaped)

Note: You can also run the script (even all steps) over ssh if you know what you’re doing

Done! You may now delete from /.

5. Finally, you can enjoy Filza without any problems, but proceed with caution. If you delete an important file you may be forced to restore your device to the latest firmware and you’ll lose any chance of jailbreaking your device!