Electra Remover

Do you want to UnJailbreak, or remove Cydia from your iDevice without restoring? Well Electra Remover has you covered! 

electra remover

To Ensure the best outcome take these steps before using the Electra Remover.

Step 1. If you have a passcode on, signed into iCloud, or siri is enabled you’ll need to remove it, sign out, and disable Siri. Turn on Airplane mode, make sure your device is in a jailbroken state, and lets launch Cydia.

Step 2. Go into the search tab and we’re going to search for Substitute and remove it. This will remove all of the tweaks you’ve installed. When you’re prompted restart your springboard.

Step 3. Lets launch Cydia again, go into the installed tab, and you’re going to look for five packages. You may, or may not, have these all packages, but you’re going to remove the ones you do have installed.

Step 4. You can also search for: Cydia (GUI Only), Cydia Compatibility Package, Substrate Compatibility Layer, Tech support framework, and libpacageinfo.

Step 5. Tap modify, remove, and then continue queuing until you have all of the packages that are installed grouped then remove them. Alternatively you can remove them one-by-one.

Step 6. Now we can launch Electra Remover and let it do its thing.